Feature Documentary

Work in progress

Company_Ctrl Alt Shift
Producers_Tinso Mungwe / Mitchell Harper
Director_Shanelle Jewnarain
DOP_Pablo Pinedo Bóveda

A Womxn Working is a documentary film about Nosipho Vidima, a dynamic women at the forefront of the struggle to change the laws against sex work in South Africa. The present status quo in South Africa is that sex work is illegal under the Sex Offence Act but the parties criminalized are only the sex workers. Nosipho Vidima is a sex work activist and part of a network of sex workers, uniionists, polical activists, gender activists and other who have been working for close to three decades in the new South Africa to lobby for these laws to be changed, while arguing for the value of womxn’s lives.
Sex workers who are criminalized are vulnerable and victimized by violent clients (bearing the brunt of South Africa’s GBV epidemic) and corrupt law enforcement (suffering without recourse at the hands of corrupt police). Sex workers are a particularly important population group in the fight to curb the spread of HIV but they have the most difficulty accessing quality health care.
Nosipho works tirelessly to use address these issues through her activism in the sex work community, while driving the law reform agenda through political lobbying and public campaigns. This film aims to show a different face to sex work, portraying a womxn whose work humanizes and recognizes the dignity of sex workers and the ways in which these womxn contribute to building our communities.